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『忍野忍 』まもなく発売!

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unvimana: ポーズ考察+なんかしろテンプレ #一日一ミク #初音ミク # …twitter.com
ポーズ考察+なんかしろテンプレ #一日一ミク #初音ミク #ねんどろいど pic.twitter.com/mG4j21QUXn

unvimana: ポーズ考察+なんかしろテンプレ #一日一ミク #初音ミク # …

ポーズ考察+なんかしろテンプレ #一日一ミク #初音ミク #ねんどろいど pic.twitter.com/mG4j21QUXn

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It has finally arrived at my doorstep, the toy of my dreams. I was happily able to order the Figma Link using money I got from donating plasma, along with two other things with the money. Having a little trouble getting use to it at the moment, but I’m really happy the shield can be on either arm and not only on the left arm. So I can have a left handed Link and that’s just how I like him.